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Wine Refrigerators & Cellars - A Comparison of Wine Storage Solutions

When it comes to the proper storage of wine there are a variety of options to choose from depending on your exact needs. A small, casual wine collection doesn’t necessarily require the same storage needs as a larger, more valuable collection.


A wine refrigerator is designed to store your wines at the optimum temperature so that when they’re opened they taste their very best. Since wines continue to develop even after being bottled proper storage is a necessity. Storing your wines at the appropriate temperature ensures that they mature at the proper rate and are well preserved. Too low a temperature and your wine ceases to mature. Too high a temperature and it matures too quickly.


One convenient and cost-saving style of wine refrigerator is the dual temperature zone refrigerator. Dual-temp refrigerators are designed to house both red and white wines, as the optimum storage temperature for each is different. They allow a collector to house a modest collection of reds and whites at the appropriate temperature for each type without having to invest in two separate refrigerators.


Some small and under-the-counter refrigerators are designed for a wholly different purpose - to maintain the proper serving temperature for wine. The temperatures that are best for serving wines are different than the temperatures necessary for long-term storage.


Yet another refrigeration storage solution combines the two previously mentioned types of refrigerators. A three-temperature zone refrigerator or multi-temp refrigerator contains three separate compartments - a storage compartment for red wines, a storage compartment for white wines and a serving compartment.


Now a wine cellar takes wine storage and preservation to another level. In addition to cooling your wines a cellar can also heat the wines if the temperature drops too low. They also maintain the appropriate humidity level that wine bottles require. The correct humidity level is necessary to prevent corks from drying out. If a cork dries out it can shrink and allow air to enter the bottle. The presence of air leads to oxidation, which results in the wine being spoiled. Wine cellars are available in stand-alone models as well as in-wall units. For collectors who wish to display their collection a furniture-style wine cellar is an attractive choice.


No matter what wine storage solution you require we’re certain that you’ll find exactly what you need in our extensive selection of wine refrigerators and wine cellars.


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